Week Four of Spring Shares

Spring is buzzing by us!  I can’t believe it is Thursday again.  This week has been very busy for us on the little farm.  We now have three new additions of baby goats with feeding chores every two hours and milking once again twice a day.  Planting is at it’s all time best right now.  We are putting in heirloom tomatoes and peppers for an early harvest for Summer Shares.  Napa cabbage plants, potatoes and more onions.  There isn’t a day that goes by that something doesn’t go in the ground.  Things are living up around here!

What we have this week ~ Hakurei turnips.  Don’t mistake these for radishes.  I have never met a turnip that I have liked until I met Hakurei.  I will post a recipe by this evening.  Chard, arugula, lettuce mix, herbs and radishes.  We are adding asparagus to the mix this week as well.  I think this will be the only harvest we get this year.  As the day goes we will more than likely add to this post of other produce in your shares.  Maybe a baby goat??  Haha!

I also have a great recipe for bitter greens using arugula that is to die for.  You will need to get a pear and an avocado  for the dressing.  I will post that as well after we harvest today!


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