Last Week of Fall Shares

Thank you everyone for your support in our shares. We really appreciate you all. We are so grateful to be able to share our garden with you. Our spring shares are now open.

What you will find in your basket this week..



Sweet potatoes



Greens – Napa cabbage, kale, chard or arugula

Delicada or acorn squash

Green onions

Yellow onions

Bay leaves

Persimmons they are not quite ripe but we wanted you to have some.

Put the persimmons in a brown bag with an apple or banana. The ethylene gas apples and bananas produce speeded up the ripening process. Alternatively, keep the fruit out at room temperature in a bowl.

Week 7 of Fall Shares

Boy it was crazy windy here last night. It was 38 mph and got down 43 degrees and 36 with the wind chill.

What you will find in your basket this week..


Pie pumpkin






Red onion



We have lots of extra peppers so take what you can use.

Our 2020 shares are now open.

Week 6 of Summer Shares

October 3rd! We are already on week 6. Two more weeks of shares after today.

We are really excited about today’s shares! We know you’ll love it! Apples and fairtime peaches. 🍑🍏🍎

This is what you’ll find in your shares today:

Fairtime peaches

Apples of different varieties

Delicata Squash



Green onions


Bell peppers

Sweet potatoes

Hakurei turnips

Assorted bag of herbs (savory, sage, rosemary, thyme)

Enjoy, and have a beautiful week of goodness!

Below are stages of the basket being built today. Pretty!

Produce update

This week will be the last week for eggplant because we will be pulling out all of the plants to make room for other things. You will be getting a lot in your share baskets this week so plan accordingly. Get out your eggplant recipes!!